Sinyk - Ascend

by Sinyk

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This track was so much fun to produce.
It actually started off as a project I was going to see if Dr. Dubtrot wanted to collab on, under a new project, but after doing the build up, I was having so much fun developing the story behind this track that I decided to finish it on my own, haha.

The story behind this track is based on the incredibly popular webcomic, Homestuck.
My friends and I recently got really into the comic, and decided to take tons of personality tests to see what class/aspect we were, what our lands would be, and all that good stuff.
My moirail (hahahjakigjaha) has started writing what is basically a fan adventure based on our real life personalities, and so I thought about what I could do with our results, and got the idea to do an EP of themes for each of us.

So this is the first track, the track for when I go God Tier. :3

I wanted to try to combine many different aspects of musical genres into my theme, because I listen to a wide variety of music, so I added some powerful orchestral pieces, bass-heavy wubs, acoustic drums, and high-energy trance-y supersaws. I hope you guys enjoy it. :3
Tristam Album

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